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Ride Clean, Ride Safe!

Don't forget the brakes!

Sometimes you may get so concerned about how your vehicle runs that you tend to forget on taking care of the parts that make it stop. This is especially true for brake parts, since they are one of the most functional parts of a vehicle. It is important to maintain them properly to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape.

With constant use, you can’t avoid having your vehicle’s brake parts get clogged up and dirty. This can result in difficult brake pads and loud brake squeals. When the brake starts to squeal, it’s usually a sign that the leading edge of the brake pad in contact with the rotor is causing a twisting force on the pad. This causes the trailing edge to want to lift away from the rotor.

The right brake pads

When choosing brake pads, don’t make the mistake of simply picking the one with the best squeal resistance. Take also into consideration how easy it is on the rotors, as some brands can be harder on the rotors than others. Different kinds of pads will match different driving preferences. For regular street driving, for instance, a good choice would be pads that have excellent squeal resistance, relatively clean dust and are equally easy on the rotors; on the other hand, pads with good squeal resistance, moderate dust and are harder on the rotors will be best for harder street driving. 

A clean ride is a safe ride

Brake fluid, oil, grease and dust that have accumulated on brake parts need to be cleaned. Use a fast drying cleaner like Mototek Brake and Parts Cleaner to clean brake pads, calipers and linings, and other parts such as rotors, drums, cylinders, springs and pins without the need for rigorous brushing or elbow grease. It instantly removes dust and other buildups without leaving any residue behind. After doing so, you will notice that the brake pads function better, the wheel rotates easier and parts perform better overall when clean.






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