Discover the Splendor of Your Furniture

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Discover the splendor of your furniture

Everyone knows that your home reflects your personality. When friends, party guests and visiting relatives come over, what does the state of your furniture say about you?

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Your furniture adds beauty and character to your home – and the way you care for them speaks volumes about you. Luckily, you don’t need a battalion of products to keep your furniture looking like new. Regular cleaning with the right products ensures your furniture is clean, shiny and protected for years – and even generations – to come.

Goodbye to traditional cleaning habits

Are you causing more harm than good every time you clean your furniture? Wiping them down with wet rags can cause cracking, warping and swelling. Using soap and bleach on your furniture strip them of their natural finish, exposing your furniture to fungi growth. And feather dusters often have sharp, splintered edges that scratch and damage surfaces.

The best way to get rid of accumulated dust is to vacuum surfaces every week, leaving surfaces scratch-free and removing tiny particles that might have built up. Afterwards, apply furniture polish generously with a soft cloth to clean, shine, and protect your furniture.

Love your furniture

Other ways you can keep your furniture intact is to always use coasters, placemats or other protection under drinks, food and appliances to prevent moisture rings and heat marks. Moisture buildups and liquid spills on wood and vinyl can soften their finish, leave surface marks and ultimately damage them. If you do spill something, clean the surface immediately using absorbent towels or blotting paper.

Everyday shine

Splenda Furniture Polish is the convenient way to help your furniture look like new everyday – it cleans, shines and protects in just one application. Ideal to use on wood, vinyl, leather and other surfaces.