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Ipis, Alis!

Cockroaches may be a fact of life, but they shouldn’t be in your home. Read on to know more about the dangers cockroaches pose and how to keep your home roach-free.

Unwanted invaders

Cockroaches pose serious health risks to you and your family as potential carriers of various diseases such as salmonella, E. Coli, typhoid and dysentery. They can also cause asthma, allergies with their excretions and other lung disorders when they shed their skeletons. Cockroaches may thrive in dirt, trash and grime but may also infest clean-looking homes. They especially like to be around moist areas, making your kitchen and bathrooms prime real estate when the lights are out.

Cockroach control

You can banish cockroach infestations with these simple guidelines:

  • Wash your dishes right away after use; do not leave them in your sink overnight.
  • Mop water and other food spills immediately.
  • Keep food containers tightly sealed, as well as trash bags both inside and outside the house.
  • Vacuum regularly to remove cockroach feces, adults, nymphs and egg capsules.
  • Use an effective cockroach killer that can penetrate cockroach coats and eradicate both adults and eggs. An excellent cockroach killer is KWIK aerosol with its superior knockdown formula.

Fast knockdown

KWIK Cockroach Killer’s superior knockdown power instantly eradicates adult cockroaches and eggs by penetrating their coats and egg shells. Spray KWIK Multi-Insect Killer or KWIK Cockroach Killer upon contact and on surfaces and crevices where cockroaches usually hide and lay their eggs. KWIK Multi-Insect Killer and KWIK Cockroach Killer are lemon-scented and can knock down insects for up to three weeks with its residual action, doing all the work so you can easily bid goodbye to cockroaches – Ipis, alis!


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