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Banishing Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes abound in tropical countries such as ours, but it’s neither difficult nor impossible to keep yourselves safe from them. Read on to know more about how to keep your homes and offices mosquito-free. 

Mosquito facts

Mosquitoes are most commonly feared for carrying the dreaded dengue, although they can also transmit other threatening diseases such as the West Nilevirus, encephalitis, malaria and yellow fever to humans, and heartworm to pets. These can be infectious and sometimes even fatal.

Although they often rest on shrubs, mosquitoes breed on still water and can lay their eggs in any place that can hold water – bird baths, tin cans, garden pails, pools, unused tires and flower pots. Mosquitoes seldom travel far from their water source, and when they lay their eggs in standing water, they can hatch in as fast as one to two days. Their eggs can even remain dormant for weeks or months and hatch when they become covered in water. This is why dengue cases are at its peak during the rainy season.

Preventive measures

Knowing this, you can avoid dengue and other mosquito-related diseases by controlling mosquito populations with these guidelines:

  • Inspect and throw away collected water in plant pots, unused tires, bottles and any other object that can house water and where mosquitoes may hatch eggs.
  • Limit mosquitoes’ breeding places by covering all water containers such as drums, basins, toilets and others.
  • Ensure flow of water is continuous in your drainages. Keep them clean.
  • Maintain cleanliness in your surroundings, as mosquitoes like to thrive in dark, damp environments.

Because you can’t avoid mosquitoes altogether, there’s Kwik Mosquito Killer and Kwik Water-based Killer to knock them down in an instant. Both Kwik products come with a specialized fine-mist cap that allows the solution to get into contact with more flying insects before dropping to the ground. They are both odorless, which makes them ideal for use in bedrooms and the rest of your home.

But it’s not just the open areas you should be worried about. Mosquitoes also hide in underneath beds, inside cabinets and shaded areas where dust accumulate. The unique formulation of Kwik, however, will make sure that however stealthy the insect, they’ll meet their end in seconds.