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Penetrating the Toughest Spots

Equipment elixir

Moving parts and household equipment can be prone to rust and corrosion. These things, if not prevented, can shorten the lives of your utility equipment. Although manufacturers are doing their part to reduce corrosion in their products, how well you maintain your tools will equally determine their useful life. So proper maintenance is needed for all you equipment, tools and machines.

Let your oil do the heavy-duty work

Outdoor equipment are especially prone to rust and corrosion due to exposure to moisture. Outdoor tools such as lawn mowers should be protected from dirt, dust and the rain. After removing the dirt and grass from the mower, you will need to apply penetrating oil that will penetrate the small gaps and displace the moisture, thus acting as a corrosion stopper. This is why we need a low viscosity lubricant to penetrate the threads of the space between the nuts and bolts.

For metal parts that have scratches and chipped paint, spraying the damaged areas will help prevent the formation of rust. For doors, hinges, locks and other utility equipment that have dried up or have begun producing squeaking sounds, spraying with a light coat of penetrating oil such as Qwick Penetrating Oil will do the trick. When using the product, always make sure that the oil is able to seep through the parts well. For hinges especially, you can pull out the pin from the hinge itself and lightly scrub the pin, barrel and leaves with steel wool before you spray the penetrating oil and replace the pin. Regular lubrication of hinges will help keep a door smoothly working well.

Other uses

Aside from anti-corrosion properties, Qwick Penetrating Oil is also perfect for removing chewing gum and sticker residues, which could be a burden and time consuming to remove. A quick spray and rub on the problem area will quickly remove its adhesive properties.