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Guide to a Clean, Silky Ride

I’m vain. So what?

Men like their vehicles looking their best. That explains why we name our cars, motorcycles and scooters and accessorizing them to the hilt. Aside from this, we take of our pride and joy like real gentlemen do – by using the right products to keep them looking their best and prolonging their life.

Great interiors

Car interiors such as dashboards and leather seats are exposed to concentrated UV rays and heat that penetrate the windshield, and are likely to experience premature shrinkage, cracking and hardening if not cared for properly. Instead of using soapy water to clean them, remove dust with a soft, clean cloth and apply a protector to restore color and apply shine.

Black tires

Boast of the blackest tires by applying VS1 Protector. After washing, spraying VS1 all over my tires gets them shiny and black – and it stays that way even after running over dusty roads or those annoying rain puddles. And the best part? I don’t have to get my hands dirty.






VS1 Protector