Dengue prevention within your reach

The government is doing all it can in controlling the widely-feared dengue. You too, can take full preventive control by following these seven simple tips.


1. Keep your environment clean. Mosquitoes love dark and damp areas, so it's best to keep your garage or attic free of accumulated junk. Set a weekly cleaning day to coincide with your barangay's garbage collection to get rid of potential mosquito havens.

2. Eliminate mosquito habitats in your surroundings. Regularly inspect and empty water from sites where mosquitoes can breed, such as flower pots, roof gutters, trash bins, and receptacles like basins, pails, and old tires. Keep your surroundings clean and dry.

3. Check your home for stagnant water. Because the dengue-carrier Aedes Aegypti prefers to breed in clean, stagnant water, a clean home doesn't necessarily make it dengue-proof. Inspect the bottom of the refrigerator, kitchen and bathroom floors, and areas with leaks. Wipe them dry or keep them covered. For standing water that cannot be covered, sprinkle salt to kill mosquito larvae.

4. Make sure windows and door screens are "bug tight". It's nice to let the cool breeze into your homes, but put nets or screens over windows first. Fix broken screens and keep doors closed to minimize mosquitoes entering your home.

5. Spray insecticide regularly. Use Kwik Mosquito Killer or Kwik Multi-Insect Killer (water-based) inside your home and in surrounding areas to knock down flying insects fast. Keep people away from sprayed areas for at least 30 minutes.

6. Wear long sleeves, pants, and socks. Limit your exposure to mosquitoes by covering as much of your skin area as possible. Regularly wipe your children dry from sweat as this attracts mosquitoes.

7. Put on Guard insect repellent. Children love to play outdoors, but they're also prime targets of mosquitoes. Guard with breakthrough formula Picaridin is gentle on skin and effective against mosquitoes for 4-6 hours. Apply on all exposed skin, especially bite-worthy areas like the neck and ankles. Avoid putting near the eyes, nose, and mouth.