Iwas Ipis, Iwas Sakit… KWIK!

Bothered about cockroach infestations? No need to worry because there's a new roach killer in town! It's safe, it's affordable, and it's KWIK!


Keeping your homes cockroach-free is vital to your health, as these insects crawl through dirty areas and then walk around your homes, tracking in bacteria and germs. Cockroaches can cause allergies and asthma by shedding their skins, and cause diseases such as salmonellosis, E. coli infections, gastroenteritis and dysentery by contaminating food. Cockroaches may thrive in dirt, trash, and grime but they also infest clean and well-organized homes. This is why KWIK organized the Iwas Ipis, Iwas Sakit... KWIK! campaign to educate people on how to keep their homes and surroundings free from cockroaches.

The Iwas Ipis, Iwas Sakit... KWIK! campaign initiated an anti-cockroach spraying activity last March 23 and 25 in Velasquez, Tondo, Manila to demonstrate the KWIK knockdown effect on cockroaches. An entomologist, Dr. Arlene G. Bertuso, conducted a seminar to educate barangay members on the dangers of having cockroaches in their homes and ways to prevent cockroach infestation.

Cockroaches abound in warm, humid places so prevention and sanitation measures include sealing cracks, tightening loose pipes, and keeping your home – especially cooking, eating, and food storage areas – clean and dry. Keep your food in tightly sealed containers, empty your trash cans regularly, and sweep or vacuum floors to remove food crumbs that cockroaches may feed on. Lastly, spray insecticides twice a week on surfaces and in cracks and crevices to eradicate cockroach infestation.

Equip yourselves now with KWIK Cockroach Killer and say goodbye to those pesky germ carriers! KWIK Cockroach Killer penetrates even the toughest, most durable ootheca – the case that houses cockroach eggs. The ootheca makes it more difficult to eliminate cockroach eggs but with KWIK, it's as easy as pressing a button!

KWIK Cockroach Killer is the newest product developed by Consumer Care Products, Incorporated. It's deadly for cockroaches but pleasant to use with its light lemon scent. With KWIK Cockroach Killer's superior knockdown power, residual effects of up to 3 weeks, and affordable price, you're really getting what you paid for and more!