KWIK Heroes Prevent Dengue

Did you know that the dengue virus infects more than 50 million people annually, killing about 24,000 each year?


Dengue is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows a course of severe headache, exhaustion, fever, rashes, severe joints and muscle pain. The dengue virus occurs mostly in tropical areas of the world and is transmitted by the domesticated Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

The Aedes Aegypti lays its eggs in stagnant water found near humans, turning homes into potential breeding grounds for dengue. Because the Aedes Aegypti cannot be easily killed or caught by swatting, elimination of its breeding places is key to dengue prevention. (Source: Aedes Aegypti and Dengue fever by Roland Mortimer) Inspect gutters, flower vases, buckets and other containers that hold water, and ensure that stagnant water is removed on a habitual basis. Regular use of aerosol sprays in your home is also a "kwik" and effective way of eliminating mosquitoes and other pests, keeping you and your family safe from dengue and other viral diseases.

KWIK Multi-Insect Killer and KWIK Mosquito Killer are aerosol insecticides that provide fast knockdown and quick killing effects. Kwik works harder than the leading brand as it contains the most modern and safe ingredients, effectively killing insects with fewer sprays. KWIK Multi-Insect Killer has a pleasant lemon scent while KWIK Mosquito Killer is water-based and odorless, making it less harsh to spray in homes, especially around children and pets. And with KWIK being 26% more affordable than other brands, you get more value for money. Keeping your family dengue-free has never been this cost-efficient and easy!

(Source: Medical News Today – 28 Mar 2008)