Guzzy Training Toys

Mixing training, play and snack time

Make every snack time fun for your furry friend! Put their favorite treats in their Guzzy to help them avoid eating too fast, giving them time to digest their food properly.

Guzzy Puppy Treasure

Guzzy Puppy Treasure Training Toy

Making snack time fun for your furry friend

Guzzy makes it easy to place food inside, but difficult to remove for your dog. It helps prevent dogs from eating too fast and gives them time to digest their food to effectively prevent visceral diseases. Guzzy also prevents your dogs from barking, digging, biting and can aid in house training. It can also be used to relieve stress such as boredom and separation anxiety. Easy to wash, durable and long-lasting and made from 100% natural rubber. Great for puppies and super small dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. Available in Small sizes

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