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KWIK provides an effective, affordable solution for every insect problem imagined – Sa KWIK, may ginhawa. Matindi ang bisa sa murang halaga.

KWIK COCKROACH KILLER is an insecticide that is especially formulated to work against pesky cockroaches and other crawling insects. Its superior formula quickly and effectively eliminates those cockroaches that stealthily pester your homes. It drives out cockroaches from their lairs and its special oil-based formulation penetrates cockroaches’ coats, killing both adults and eggs with a fast knockdown action. Watch its residual action work for the next three weeks as the sprayed surfaces continue to kill cockroaches that come in contact with the area long after you’ve used Kwik Cockroach Killer.*

  • The best cockroach killer product in the market
  • Oil-based formulation penetrates the coat of cockroaches for maximum efficacy
  • Has a pleasant lemon scent

Kwik Cockroach Killer is effective and affordable, offering you the best value for your hard-earned money.

*KWIK’s residual effects of up to three weeks kill insects as long as sprayed surfaces are not wiped with a wet cloth.

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Kwik Cockroach Killer Spray
Ipis Alis! Cockroaches may be a fact of life, but they shouldn’t be in your home. Read on to know more about the dangers cockroaches pose and how to keep your home roach-free.

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