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Splenda Furniture Polish was created for you in mind. We want you to be proud of your furniture and the home you live in without having to sweat it out.

SPLENDA FURNITURE POLISH reveals your furniture’s inherent splendor with its cleaning, conditioning and protective properties, keeping them looking good as new. Splenda gives your wood, vinyl and leather furniture the proper care they deserve and erases worries of possible damage caused by traditional dusting with feather dusters and cleaning with wet rags, soap and bleach.

Splenda’s light lemon scent leaves a delicate touch of fragrance that makes your furniture feel and smell luxuriously clean. Make polishing a feel-good activity with Splenda Furniture Polish.

  • One-spray-does-it-all – Cleans, conditions and shines in one application
  • Pleasing scent – Tinged with a light lemon scent, leaving behind a refreshing, just-cleaned feeling with each spray
  • Economical – You can generously spray Splenda because it’s affordable

With Splenda Furniture Polish, let out your furniture’s natural shine!

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Splenda Furniture Polish Spray
Discover the splendor of your furniture Everyone knows that your home reflects your personality. When friends, party guests and visiting relatives come over, what does the state of your furniture say about you?

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