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VITALITY dry dog food provides balanced nutrition made from high quality protein of real lamb and beef from Australia, selected wholegrain cereals – wheat, corn, rice and/or barley – and various minerals and vitamins. The use of lamb meat helps protect your dog from allergies that may be caused by other meat sources. In addition to high quality nutritional values, VITALITY is fortified with premium quality fatty acids:

  • Omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic) derived from canola, sunflower and flax seeds to enhance development of superior coat shine and thick lustrous coat
  • Omega-3 fatty acid (linolenic) sourced from deep sea fish to ensure high concentration of EPA and DHA usually not found in shallow or mid-depth sea fish. Omega-3 helps sustain healthy skin condition

VITALITY has two categories of dog food to serve the nutritional needs of two segments:

  • VITALITY CLASSIC, a maintenance dog food for adults with minimum twenty-one percent crude protein and ten percent crude fat
  • VITALITY HIGH ENERGY for puppies, pregnant and nursing females, show dogs and working dogs

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