Our Promise: Caring for You, Caring for the World

At Consumer Care, our commitment is simple: provide Filipinos with accessible solutions for a healthy, happy life. We offer quality and sustainability in every product, providing the best care for every individual and the planet.

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Caring for Customers, Communities, and the Environment

Consumer Care combines heartfelt care with a deep understanding of unique needs. We are committed to enhancing Filipino families and communities by infusing joy and value through our products. Our journey is driven by passion and purpose, continuously meeting the demands of today while nurturing future generations.

Enriching Every Filipino: Our Journey of Care and Quality


Our Purpose

In the heart of Consumer Care lies a genuine desire to enrich lives. We blend innovation and quality, crafting value-for-money products that resonate deeply with every Filipino.

Our Aspiration

At Consumer Care, our dream is to seamlessly integrate with Filipino homes. We strive to be a familiar and trusted companion—a symbol of constant care in families and communities.

Must-Read Care Tips