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Enhance your driving experience with quality vehicle care products from Motor Care. Designed to preserve both the exterior and interior of your vehicles, our offerings ensure unmatched performance on the road.

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Rev Up Your Ride with Essential Motor Care Products

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Be it your daily commute or your long rides, MOTOTEK helps ensure you can travel worry-free with a wide range of products, from chain maintenance to penetrating oils.

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VS1 offers a range of beautification products, from protectants to tire blacks to wash and wax shampoo to deodorizer, that can make your vehicle look brand new all the time.

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Drive With Confidence

Ride with pride when you purchase vehicle care products that protect you and your family on the road. Motor Care preserves and maintains every aspect of your vehicle, from its exterior shine to its interior functions.

Whether you’re a motor enthusiast or just trying to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, rest assured that our car and motorcycle care products will get the job done. Elevate your driving experience, protect your investment, and experience unparalleled quality.

At Motor Care, we redefine riding.

60 Years of Dedication to Quality and Care

Consumer Care brings consumers a variety of goods that enhance everyday lives. Our Motor Care products ensure each ride is safe, smooth, and enjoyable for all.

Let Consumer Care Philippines be there for you and your loved ones with our exceptional vehicle care products. Begin your journey today and rediscover the joy of each quality ride.

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