Vitality Lamb & Beef Dog Food

Superior Quality That Shows

Vitality Lamb & Beef Dog Food is a super premium dog food brand from Australia that is best recommended for dogs to prevent skin problems. This dry dog food provides balanced nutrition made from high-quality protein of real lamb and beef from Australia, selected wholegrain cereals – wheat, corn, rice and/or barley – and various minerals and vitamins.

Vitality Classic

Vitality Classic Dog Food

Super-premium dog food for adult dogs in a satisfying lamb and beef flavor

  • Vitality is hypoallergenic. It uses only Australian lamb and beef as the main sources of protein. It does not use any meat from poultry products that may cause allergies to some dogs.
  • Vitality uses Omega-3 and Omega-6 to give dogs a superior coat shine and healthy skin. This Omega Magic Oil Blend brings out their vibrant glow.
  • Vitality makes a dog’s stool firm and with minimal odor. It does not contain any by-products for a healthier excretion.
Available in 1kg, 3kg, and 15kg packs 

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