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MOTOTEK is your trusted partner in motorcycle care. With a range of high-quality products, we’re here to ensure your vehicle always performs at its best and your rides are always safe.

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MOTOTEK ensures a quality ride so that you can travel freely without worries. Explore MOTOTEK products to care for your vehicle today!


Revitalize Your Ride with MOTOTEK Maintenance Essentials

MOTOTEK chain cleaner

All-purpose chain and sprocket degreaser and cleaner

It is formulated to dissolve grease, break-up grime and remove dirt build-up to ensure smooth, cool and efficient operation.

  • Ideal for cleaning chains
  • Dissolves oil, grease, and grime
  • Residue-free
  • Safe for all chains

Available in 250ml.

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MOTOTEK chain lube

Anti-friction and anti-wear chain lube that protects from corrosion

Mototek Chain Lube contains plant oil that provides excellent lubricity and protects chain links. It keeps the “O” rings pliable and prevents them from drying and deteriorating. Mototek Chain Lube provides thin-film protection to chains and sprockets reducing wear and tear.

  • Anti-friction and anti-wear
  • Protects from corrosion
  • Safe for O-rings, does not fly off

Available in 120ml and 250ml.

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Anti-friction and anti-wear chain lube that doesn’t fly off, preventing chains from drying and deteriorating.

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MOTOTEK Chain Lube contains plant oil that provides excellent lubrication and keeps O-rings pliable.

residue free


All-purpose cleaner removes grease, oil, and dirt from chains and sprockets to ensure smooth operation.

safe for use

Safe for Use

Our lube and cleaner products ensure superior care and protection for all chain types.

MOTOTEK penetrating oil

Penetrates and loosens parts while protecting against rust

For general repair and maintenance of vehicle parts and equipment. Mototek Penetrating Oil contains plant oil extract that provides excellent lubricity. It provides protection against rust and corrosion by leaving a non-conductive film. It is safe for use on all metals, painted surfaces, rubber and most plastics.

  • Lubricates moving parts
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Loosens stuck parts
  • Displaces moisture

Available in 160 ml and 400 ml.

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All-around maintenance

All-around maintenance

General maintenance of vehicle parts and equipment such as: bolts, locks, nuts and keyholes.

Non-conductive film

Non-conductive film

Moving parts stay lubricated due to a non-conductive film that protects against rust and corrosion.

Suitable for Various Materials

Suitable for Various Materials

Our penetrating oil is safe for all metals, painted surfaces, rubber, and most plastics.

MOTOTEK brake and parts cleaner

Fast-drying brake and parts cleaner

Mototek Brake & Parts Cleaner is a general-purpose cleaner that quickly removes oil, grease, brake fluid and other contaminants from brake and motor parts without the need to disassemble the unit.

  • Safely cleans parts and components
  • Displaces moisture
  • Dries fast while leaving no residue

Available in 500ml.

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Easy cleaning

Applying our general-purpose brake cleaner is hassle-free and can be done without disassembling your unit.



Fast-drying formula ensures residue-free cleaning for effective brake maintenance and optimal performance.



Oil, grease, brake fluid, and other contaminants can be swiftly removed from motor parts.



Chlorine-free brake cleaners provide a less toxic but effective solution for maintaining brake systems.

MOTOTEK high temp grease

For when the heat goes up!

Mototek High Temperature Grease protects your ride by providing excellent thermal & mechanical stability and offers superior corrosion protection.

Available in 10g.

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Multi Purpose Lithium Complex Grease

Multi Purpose Lithium Complex Grease

Provides superior protection to ball joints and bearings operating under extreme conditions.

MOTOTEK engine flush

Organic and eco-friendly engine flush that dissolves oil sludge, reduces friction and clean oil system

Mototek Engine Flush is a biodegradable oil system cleaner that improves engine efficiency after an oil change. It reduces the accumulation of deposits that can block oil lines and maintains the good flow of lubricant through the engine. It reduces oil consumption and lubricates while cleaning.

  • Dissolves oil sludge
  • Reduces friction
  • Requires low dilution ration
  • Biodegradable

Available in 250ml.

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Low Dilution Ratio

Low Dilution Ratio

One bottle of MOTOTEK Engine Flush is good for every four liters of oil change.

Longer Engine Life

Longer Engine Life

Engine cleaners help extend engine life by reducing dirt deposits that can block oil lines.

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Organic and biodegradable, MOTOTEK Engine Flush enhances your engine’s performance while respecting the environment.

MOTOTEK brake & clutch fluid

Super Heavy-Duty Protection

Mototek Brake & Clutch Fluid Dot 3 is the heavy-duty motor vehicle brake fluid that your ride deserves. It protects against rusting.

  • Protects against rusting
  • Good viscosity temperature
  • Long service life

Available in 150ml and 250ml.

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MOTOTEK radiator coolant

All Makes & All Models!

Mototek Radiator Coolant is the only coolant you need whether it’s for motorcycles or cars, helping you prevent overheating, rust, and corrosion for your ride.

  • Safe for all make and model
  • Superior control of sludge and deposits
  • KAP Free

Available in 500ml and 1L.

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MOTOTEK Maintenance Tips

mototek Motorcycle chain

Motorcycle chain

• Spray MOTOTEK Chain Cleaner on parts to be cleaned.
• Soak for 10-20 minutes.
• Rinse well with water.
• Dry off parts before lubrication.
• Spray MOTOTEK Chain Lube on the upper edges of chain side-plates while slowly rotating the sprockets.
• Allow a few minutes for excess to dry off before running.

mototek Brakes


• Use in well-ventilated areas.
• Test rubber and plastic components for tolerance before application.
• Shake MOTOTEK Break and Parts Cleaner before use. 
• Spray on surfaces to be cleaned. You can spray from any angle, for convenience.
• Wipe off with a clean cloth.

mototek engine


• Pour MOTOTEK Engine Flush into the engine reservoir before every oil change.
• Run the engine for 10 minutes to get the mixture circulating.
• Allow the engine to cool before draining the spent oil.
• Refill engine with new motor oil.

mototek penetrating oil

Removing rust

• Shake the can of MOTOTEK Penetrating Oil before use.
• Use in a well-ventilated area.
• Position at 6-8 inches from the surface.
• Spray directly with light, even strokes.
• Allow oil to soak in for a few minutes to loosen rusted parts.

Safe and Smooth Rides with MOTOTEK

Explore the selection of MOTOTEK products and discover how we can get you to your destination with safety and ease.

mototek products

Frequently Asked Questions

black motorcycle

MOTOTEK products prevent premature wear and tear to prolong the life of vehicle parts, giving riders a smooth and safe ride. This is also to ensure that vehicles are in the best condition.

Once the MOTOTEK Chain Cleaner is used, it is best to use the MOTOTEK Chain Lube to lubricate the chains to prevent premature wear. MOTOTEK Chain Lube also has a “NO FLY-OFF” feature even at high speeds, which not only keeps your bikes clean after use, but ensures that product does not fly off unlike other brands.

Usage varies depending on the conditions, such as how often the bike is used. The MOTOTEK Chain Lube can be applied once or twice a month, but for best results, it is recommended to apply MOTOTEK Chain Lube after every use of the MOTOTEK Chain Cleaner.

All MOTOTEK products are applicable for bicycles, but the MOTOTEK Chain Cleaner, Chain Lube, Penetrating Oil, High Temp Grease are products which can be used at all times for bicycles.

MOTOTEK Chain Cleaner is used to clean bicycle chains especially those that MOTOTEK Chain lube keeps chains lubricated and helps prevent premature wear.
MOTOTEK Pen Oil can be used to help remove hard to remove screws/nuts/bolts in bikes.
MOTOTEK High Temp Grease can be used to lubricate the following:

  • Crank Bearing
  • Head Tube Bearing
  • Wheel Bearings

The fluid which is used by hydraulic systems of the clutch and brakes in motorcycles and 4-wheeled vehicles. MOTOTEK BCF has a high boiling point and meets the majority of DOT4 standards. The MOTOTEK BCF is also rubber caps friendly, while other BCFs are harmful to rubber which causes premature degradation of the rubber caps on bikes/motorcycles.

Apply or mix 50mL of MOTOTEK Engine Flush into the engine oil. Dosage rate is 5% of the Engine/Motor Oil.

Used on automotives with radiator systems which are responsible for cooling the automotive’s engine. It helps prevent overheating, rust, and corrosion. The MOTOTEK Radiator Coolant helps prevent overheating during the hot season and heavy traffic. This product is cooling system friendly because it prevents rust and corrosion from affecting your vehicle’s cooling system.