Always be 100%!

Feel 100% energized all day! Make Laurin® MCT your go-to daily supplement. Unlike regular coconut oil or other fats that take longer to digest, Laurin® MCT is easily digested and converted into ketones. These ketones act as an immediate energy source for your brain and body, so you can perform better and be at your 100% in your everyday roles.


Laurin® MCT Oil

Sustained natural energy for your mind and body

Laurin® MCT is your go-to daily supplement so you’ll always be 100%! It is a light, flavor-free oil that stays naturally liquid, making it suitable as a daily health supplement. Laurin® is 100% CocoMCT®, a unique and patented combination of MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides that comes from the most important and beneficial parts of coconut oil. It’s an essential fatty acid that promotes ketone production as an immediate source of energy for the brain and body to work in synergy. Aside from providing sustained energy from a natural source, Laurin® MCT is also known to improve brain function, increase fat burning, balance cholesterol levels and increase immunity. Add Laurin® to your favorite food or drink!
  • Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Laurin® to any food or drink.
  • If you are a first timer, start with 1 tablespoon with food. Then, increase dosage up to 2 tablespoons per meal once your stomach has adjusted to taking the oil.
Available in 150ml and 500ml bottles Available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, health shops and organic stores. Learn more:  

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