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Laurin®     powers your mind and keeps your body strong through its patented brand of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil, so you and your family can enjoy the best things that life has to offer.

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Experience The Power of CocoMCT®

Fatty Acid Chart 2023 - Laurin

C8 (Caprylic Acid)

Brain Food | Instant Source of Energy

Fuels the brain rapidly, converting into ketone energy swiftly compared to other MCTs. It boosts brain function and overall performance.

C10 (Capric Acid)


Has potent anti-pathogenic properties, fighting viruses and bacteria. As C8 energy depletes, C10 steps in, ensuring sustained energy for an extended period.

C12 (Lauric Acid)

Sustains Energy without the crash | Boost Immunity |
Anti-viral & Anti-microbial | Promotes Gut Health

Acts as a robust anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent, converting into monolaurin for enhanced immunity and a healthier gut. When C8 and C10 are exhausted, C12 becomes a reliable, long-lasting energy source, providing sustained natural energy for optimal well-being.

Which Laurin® is for you?

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Laurin® 100% CocoMCT®


Laurin®     CocoMCT®     is a natural daily health supplement that provides you with sustained natural energy plus boosted immunity. It is a patented combination of Caprylic, Capric, and Lauric Acid, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) to fuel the mind and body while strengthening the immune system. Unlike other oils, Laurin®     CocoMCT®     is a light, flavour-free oil that stays liquid even at low temperatures.

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Organic & Sustainably Sourced

Made with organic and sustainably sourced Philippine coconuts through a unique and patented formulation.

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Improved Immunity

Increase your resistance to diseases and infections with Laurin’s antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Brain Booster

Get better mental focus and memory retention with ketones, which decrease the risk of neurodegenerative disorders.

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Sustained Energy

Laurin MCT boosts your energy levels with glycogen, making it perfect for high-intensity or prolonged activities.

Laurin Pure C8 MCT Oil

Laurin® Pure C8 MCT Oil


Power your mind and body with Laurin®     Pure C8. It’s made from the purest and most valuable type of MCT, C8 (Caprylic) Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT).

Fast-acting and easy to absorb, it energizes your brain and body within minutes. It is the most reliable energy source that provides you with a boost without any palpitation.

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Natural Energy Booster

With 100% MCT, Laurin Pure C8 MCT Oil helps you feel energized all day long.

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Perfect for the go-getters and fitness buffs

Get a quick boost of energy from Caprylic acid (C8) during busy days or intense workouts.

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Better Weight Management

Laurin Pure C8 MCT Oil complements your diet by curbing your hunger cravings and does not get stored as body fat.

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Increased Fat Burn

Laurin MCT increases your metabolism, making it perfect for pro athletes and weight watchers.

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Laurin® Light Virgin Coconut Oil


Meet your new kitchen essential! Vegan-friendly and with a light natural flavour of coconuts, it’s a delicious non-dairy alternative to butter and fats. It contains more Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) than regular Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) while retaining the natural flavour and aroma of coconuts.

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With More Nutritious MCT

With more CocoMCT®, Laurin is healthier compared to regular virgin coconut oil.

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Easy Storage and Handling

Laurin Light Virgin Coconut Oil stays liquid at 15°C, making it ready for use even when cold.

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Laurin® Coconut Oil is organic, chemical-free, and sustainably sourced from Philippine coconut farmers.

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Use Laurin® as a healthier alternative to butter and fats, and enjoy its natural, mild coconut flavor.

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Laurin® Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil


Laurin®     Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil is enriched with CocoMCT®     , the healthiest part of coconut oil, that is digested and absorbed by the body more rapidly. It not only brings out the natural flavour of food, but also provides a quick source of energy for our brain and body.

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Organic & Sustainably Sourced

Made with organic and sustainably sourced Philippine coconuts through a unique and patented formulation.

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Enhanced Mind and Body

Laurin Coconut Cooking Oil revitalizes your body and improves brain function to help you win daily.

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Laurin Coconut Cooking Oil is recognized internationally as organic and sustainably sourced from the Philippines.

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Perfect Kitchen Partner

Easily use Laurin Coconut Cooking Oil for your recipes, whether it’s cooking or baking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laurin Variants

Laurin® is a brand for coconut oil products that contain MCT. The essential fatty acids known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) stimulate ketone production that the brain and body use for energy. These MCTs boost mental and physical performance, allowing you to give your best in your daily endeavors.

New users should take one teaspoon of Laurin® MCT coconut oil per day with food. You can also take it on its own or incorporate it into hot or cold drinks. And if you want a healthier kick to your recipes, add this modern coconut oil to your go-to dishes.

All-natural Laurin® products do not need to be refrigerated and are best kept at room temperature with the cap securely closed.

All of Laurin®’s products come directly from the most valuable components of coconut oil, so you know you are getting the best of the best. In general, individuals with medical conditions can safely take it, but we recommend seeking healthcare professional advice first before taking any kind of dietary supplement.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) verifies the organic status of all Laurin® MCT coconut oil products, and other certifications include Kosher, Halal, and Non-GMO verification. Apart from that, we are also FDA-approved, ensuring each product goes through rigorous quality assurance before it reaches you.